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Long time, no see, guys.

2016-12-03 17:11:29 by dj-gameon

Yeah, haven't really bothered uploading here. I'm doing great in YT and SoundCloud things, so yeah that's good I guess. Yeah NG, so how have things gone? (Everybody probably left my profile lol) 

All jokes aside, I'm uploading a lot more on SoundCloud and YouTube so you need to peep that stuff out. I also have an incoming EP hitting stores on December 22nd so yep, got some stuff to do. 'Nuff said.

I'm back.

2016-06-25 10:23:20 by dj-gameon

Yep. Says it in the title.

I won't be active here.

2016-06-14 19:47:18 by dj-gameon

I know, I know. I haven't been uploading. The reason is for I don't want to be on Newgrounds anymore. It basically got boring, and no one really goes to this site. I will still be active on SC, YT, stuff like that. Goodbye NG Users. 

Sorry for being inactive.

2016-05-17 21:05:30 by dj-gameon

I mean come on, i've been having to do alot, so give it some time. :P

A big day doesn't even describe it...

2016-04-17 13:53:07 by dj-gameon

Get. Your. Ears. Ready. That's all I'm saying. ;)5677398_146091546591_Titanium.jpg

It will... be available... for pre-order.... TOMORROW! Google Play, Amazon MP3, Xbox Music, Shazam, iTunes, SoundCloud... All aboard the hype train! Are you getting your copy May 20th?!

Overdrive is out on Bandcamp!

2016-04-16 13:51:37 by dj-gameon

Hey, Overdrive is now avaliable on Bandcamp for $2! Go check it out! It sounds different because of higher quality, so it lowered a little of the volume.


New avatar. (Yes, again.)

2016-03-26 20:02:22 by dj-gameon



YouTube Problems.

2016-03-17 16:16:17 by dj-gameon

The reason for why I can't upload to YT is because, I'm using a Mac. But that isn't it. I try to actually use it, all it does is just crash... with a kernel warning. So yeah, I'll try uploading to YT.


2016-03-15 20:07:47 by dj-gameon

I was trying to make a regular song. My freaking program just was acting up when I got to the drop of it. I can't even save it as MP3, then continue with another project. I'll restart it. :P (It sounded bad anyways)